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Looking for a Car for Your Teen?

As your teen matures into a responsible driver, you may feel it’s time to buy him a car of his own. The following tips can help you make a better decision on what kind of car to buy. Safety and security should take precedence in whatever vehicle you decide. Teen drivers are more likely to Read More

Warm Family Recipe For After Work!

This easy cheese enchilada recipe is heart warming and filling after a long, hard day at work. Working parents love this because can be prepared the day before and popped into the oven when you get home from work. Serve this recipe with a side of Spanish rice, or chips and guacamole.  Ingredients: 2 cups Read More

Driving Safety in the Idaho Weather

Our services at Bell Black Insurance include providing you with the best insurance coverage you need to protect your family. Even if you think you have ample vehicle coverage, driving safely involves following a few safety tips, especially during Idaho winters. Never slam on your brakes when the road is covered with black ice or Read More

Insurance Changes During A Move

Moving is so much more than a change of address. It involves switching utilities, canceling or changing your subscriptions and changing your insurance services. How can you tell which insurance policy is right for you? Renters Insurance: This type of insurance is appropriate for anyone renting an apartment, not buying. Renters insurance covers damage to your Read More

A Home Inventory & Your Home Insurance Coverage

Bell Black Insurance representatives remind you that you can reinforce the terms of your homeowners insurance policy by creating a home inventory checklist before any damage takes place. Even though you may have ample coverage should a fire or theft occur in your home, you will need to prove that you previously owned the damaged Read More

Bell Black Insurance Announces Social Media Involvement on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter

Bell Black Insurance focuses on providing your family with traditional insurance coverage and services. However, we’re also excited about our contemporary leap into social media. Check out our Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter pages and feel free to follow us online. If you enjoy the coverage and services you receive at Bell Black Insurance, post a Read More