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Safety Precautions for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a national holiday that celebrates independence, but that does not mean safety precautions can be overlooked. There are a variety of concerns, ranging from fires to bee stings, which can arise during the event. Keep the Grill Away from the House Even though homeowners insurance does have coverage for fires Read More

Motorcycle Insurance for a Long Trip

Going for a long trip during the summer months can be exciting, but riding a motorcycle for long distances can also be risky. Although homeowners insurance may help protect the motorcycle when it stays home, reviewing auto insurance coverage and ensuring that the motorcycle has the appropriate protection can be essential for the summer plans. Read More

Protect a Summer Home from Flooding

Reviewing a homeowners insurance policy can result in the discovery that the property is not protected against flooding. Flood coverage is not usually provided in a basic homeowner’s plan, but that does not mean there is no risk of flooding. Coverage Requirements When a house is located near a lake, river or ocean, it is Read More

Tips for a Fun Father’s Day Celebration

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate the contributions that a father has on the life of his children. Even though it is important to enjoy the holiday with the whole family, safety is also important. Enjoy Safe Grilling If the family is planning to stay in and celebrate with cake and a new grill, Read More

Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance

Bell Black Insurance strongly urges you to think about the seriousness of online privacy breaches. If someone hacks into your system and steals data that results in financial loss for you, it could put you out of business. The same is true if you make an honest mistake that causes damage to your network. When Read More

Tips for Maintaining Your Car This Summer

People think about homeowners insurance all Summer long as they prepare for pool parties and storms, but Summer auto insurance coverage and auto maintenance is also important. Especially if the car is to be used on long road trips or if it will be used as a passenger vehicle. Following are tips for maintaining your Read More