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Raise Your Credit and Your Chances Of Lower Auto Insurance

In Massachusetts, California and Hawaii your insurance rate is decided upon depending on your credit score. The changing rates can differ from at least 45%. If you feel as if your credit score is too low have no fear, there is a way to raise your credit score: Negotiation- Ask your creditors to erase your Read More

Easy Tips to Keep your Boat Safe from Boat Theft

Boat thefts have decreased by six percent as of 2013. The best way for us boat owners to keep boat thefts at a low is by being prepared. Take these preventative measures to make sure that your boat sits safely in its dock without any chance of being stolen. Keep your boat parked in a Read More

Four Ways Umbrella Insurance Has You Covered

Umbrella insurance or extra liability insurance is something that every company can benefit from. For some, home and auto insurance just isn’t enough. For example if you get into an accident that costs more than your auto insurance can cover, umbrella insurance will cover the rest. This type of insurance is not as expensive as Read More

Six Benefits of Life Insurance

You have insurance for your car and insurance for your house so why wouldn’t you have life insurance. Life insurance will be there for your family in their time of need when they need it most. If you’re still not convinced here are six reasons that life insurance can benefit you. Replacement of income – Read More