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Your Foundation In The Face Of Hurricanes, Floods, & Tornadoes

Is Your Coverage Ready For A Disaster? You have your home insurance so you can get the coverage you need in the face of a disaster. If you have not fully read your policy, though, there may be some key areas in which you are lacking protection. Did you know that most homeowners insurance policies Read More

Controlling Your Commercial Auto Premiums

Your Business Can Save On The Cost Of Coverage In the same way you cannot determine how much each watt of electricity will cost but can control your electricity bill (hint: turn down your thermostat this summer), you can have a hand in your commercial auto insurance premiums. While you will not be able to Read More

Permissive Use 101

Your Guide To Lending Out Your Keys You are a nice person. When someone needs a favor, you generally tend to oblige. That is a great character trait, but it could end up costing you. If you loan out your car to a friend or family member, you give that person “permissive use” of your Read More

Buckle Up: Seat Belt Safety Tips

How To Protect Yourself In Your Car Did you know that there are 13 percent of people who do not use their seat belt on a regular basis? Even if you do not fall in this dangerous minority, you may not know exactly how to wear your seat belt to best protect yourself. Here some Read More