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Glass Half Full: Why It’s Good to be Optimistic!

Is your glass half empty or half full? There’s good news for people who are undoubtedly optimistic: better health and a better life! If you’re Debbie-Downer and always assume the worst, you may want to shift your focus to more positive thinking. In the depths of winter, it can be easy to slip into negative Read More

3 Budget-Friendly Capitals Everyone Should Visit

Planning your holiday vacation? Tight for money? Consider these places! Now that we’re into 2016, many are planning their next holiday to look forward to the upcoming year. As it turns out, January is often a month of financial troubles, struggles, and penny-saving. If you’re an eager traveler, visiting countries on a tight budget is Read More

Smart Ways to Distract Yourself from Distracted Driving

Staying focused on the roads is the only way to drive! The dangers of distracted driving are well-known at this point. Anything from cell phones to futzing with the radio, to applying your make-up, can shift your focus from the road. Unfortunately, newspapers, magazines, and the internet host daily accounts of car accidents that have Read More

Your Year-End Business Checklist

Bettering your business every year! As the New Year starts in Rexburg, Idaho, many of us are looking back on 2015 and planning ahead for 2016! As a business owner, evaluating your previous year (we’re talking calendar, not fiscal!) can help to progress your business in the upcoming year. In 2015, maybe you implemented a Read More