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Missed Open Enrollment? Here’s What to Do

Your guide to getting health insurance if you missed the open enrollment deadline. If you missed open enrollment, you may not be aware that you have options to get you and your family covered for costly medical expenses.  You may still get hit with the fine when taxes come around, but at least you’ll have Read More

Already Broke Your New Year’s Resolutions? Use This Guide to Get Back on Track

4 ways to succeed at following through with your New Year’s goals. 2016 is going to be your year, but it’s only been a few weeks and keeping those resolutions might be getting tough. It’s hard to establish new patterns in our life.  Anyone knows that.  It’s important to remember what these resolutions mean to Read More

Why Employee Benefits Matter So Much for Your Business

Top 3 reasons to keep your employees happy with great benefits. Having productive and happy employees is a major component of a successful business.  In order to stay effective, we all need incentives to continue to work hard.  Employees notice when we go out of our way to give them more than the law requires. Read More

Protect This House: Prevent Ice Dams & Carry Homeowners Insurance

Icicles got you down? Here are some great tips for preventing ice dams. Ice dams can cause serious harm to your roof, but they can be stopped with a little bit of understanding and preemptive action. The basic concept is simple.  Keep the roof the same temp as the eaves.  Upping the ventilation, insulating, and Read More