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What Does My Business Owner’s Policy Actually Cover?

Business Owner’s Policy Coverage A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is a convenient package that combines General Liability with coverage for your business property, inventory, and your building (if you own it). In addition, it can also cover the property of others that is in your care, custody or control. In essence, BOPs offer a wide Read More

How to Maintain Your Water Heater

Water Heater Maintenance Tips  You may not realize how often you use your home’s water heater – but that changes the moment it breaks. To help it run worry-free and even extend its life, check out these water heater maintenance tips. Drain Your Water Heater Always read over your owner’s manual before draining your water Read More

What is a Living Will?

What to Know About End-of-Life Medical Care  A living will, despite its name, is not at all like the wills that people use to leave property at their death. A living will is a document that lets people state their wishes for end-of-life medical care in case they are unable to communicate their decisions. This Read More

Driving Habits to Avoid This Winter

Bad Driving Habits to Avoid in Winter The weather outside is frightful, meaning it’s that time of year when the mornings are cold and dark and the roads are slick. Winter road conditions call for safer and better driving responses from motorists. You may be making things more dangerous for yourself if you drive poorly Read More