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How Would You Handle Business Interruption?

What you should know about business interruption insurance. Disasters can strike at any time, causing many companies to go under. Even the ones that don’t may have to close their doors to recover temporarily. When a major accident hits, most businesses turn to their insurance for the coverage and protection to rebuild. Standard property insurance Read More

Exercise Tips to Keep You Motivated Throughout Summer

Keep to your fitness goals over summer.  Whether you’re taking your workout outside in the sunshine or are ready to try something new with your fitness regimen this summer, staying motivated may be one of your biggest challenges. The warm weather and longer days can make it that much harder to keep to your fitness Read More

How to Handle a Hit and Run Accident

How to handle the situation of getting involved in a hit-and-run accident.   Being involved in a car accident is no joy ride for anyone. To make it worse, the person who knocked into your car has taken off and failed to claim responsibility. Such an incident can leave you feeling physically and mentally debilitated. Read More

How Location Influences Home Insurance Rates

Understand how your location affects your home insurance rate. Your homeowners insurance premium is made up of several different factors. From the coverage you select to your credit history, no two people will receive the same premium for their properties. A large influencer of your premium is the location of your property. Here’s why. Flooding Read More