How to Handle a Hit and Run Accident

How to handle the situation of getting involved in a hit-and-run accident.   Being involved in a car accident is no joy ride for anyone. To make it worse, the person who knocked into your car has taken off and failed to claim responsibility. Such an incident can leave you feeling physically and mentally debilitated. Read More

3 Common Reasons Cars Break Down

Possible reasons your car has broken down. Cars are immensely complicated devices combining sophisticated mechanical and electronic components. There’s a lot that can go wrong, even if you perform annual maintenance and drive safely. However, there are some reasons for breakdowns that are much more common than others, and while we can’t guarantee that this Read More

Do You Need Rental Car Insurance?

Determine if you need rental car insurance. With every car rental transaction comes the slightly uncomfortable moment when the agent behind the counter tries to sell the company’s auto insurance on you. In some cases, taking out this insurance is a smart financial choice. However, it’s not always necessary to do so. To help you Read More

Should You Repair or Replace Your Old Car?

How to decide whether your broken, old car is worth repairing or replacing. When something goes wrong with your vehicle, it’s tempting to fear the worst. When your car is 11 years old, it’s easy to think that its useful life is now over. While it may have a few scratches, you want to hang Read More

Reasons Why Your Car Insurance Rates Changed

Here are some of the factors that might have affected your auto insurance. If you noticed that your auto insurance premiums have changed, there are several different explanations for this rate adjustment.  It’s important to keep in mind that auto insurance companies calculate your premiums based on your risk and how likely they think you Read More

Driving Habits to Avoid This Winter

Bad Driving Habits to Avoid in Winter The weather outside is frightful, meaning it’s that time of year when the mornings are cold and dark and the roads are slick. Winter road conditions call for safer and better driving responses from motorists. You may be making things more dangerous for yourself if you drive poorly Read More

Should You Review Your Insurance Policies at the End of the Year?

A review of your insurance policies means that you enter the New Year protected. The end of the year is nearing and many of us are getting ready for our New Year’s Eve bash. Before we enter the New Year, it’s important to ensure that you’re protected with the right insurance. After all, you want Read More