Does Homeowners Insurance Coverage Reimburse Roof Damages?

Does Homeowners Insurance Coverage Reimburse Roof Damages?

Oct 27, 2022


Does Homeowners Insurance Coverage Reimburse Roof Damages?

A home insurance policy covers your home, other structures on your property, and your belongings in the event of loss or damage caused by natural disasters, fire, vandalism, etc. With the roof being a home structure, most people think that roof damages are covered by homeowners insurance. However, the roof coverage under homeowners insurance is limited to some types of damages depending on their causes. Let us discuss them.

What Coverages of Homeowners Insurance Cover the Roof and When?

Roof damages are reimbursed with the following coverages under some circumstances:

  • Dwelling Coverage –

    This covers your roof repair or replacement costs in the event of damage caused by hail, fire, and wind.

  • Personal Property Coverage –

    Pays to repair or replace your home’s belongings that are destroyed by covered roof damage.

  • Other Structures Coverage –

    Pays to repair the roof damage (caused by a covered peril) of a detached structure on your property, such as a garage or shed.

Despite the type of coverage that kicks in to cover your loss, you should pay the deductibles beforehand, and the reimbursement amount depends on your coverage limit. Also, the named perils vary depending on the policy type and provider, so read through your policy to determine the types of perils you can file a claim for.

Will Homeowners Insurance Cover Roof Leaks?

Yes, homeowners insurance will pay to fix the roof leaks resulting from the named perils, such as fire, hail, wind, etc.

What Kind of Roof Damages Are Excluded from Homeowners Insurance Coverage?

If your roof is damaged due to negligence (lack of maintenance) or regular wear and tear, you cannot claim reimbursements from your homeowners insurance. Also, suppose your roof is aged, and its condition is not that good. In that case, your policy may provide only limited coverage, such as actual cash value coverage (you will get reimbursements deducting depreciation). Some insurance providers may not cover older or outdated roofs.

Tips to Maintain Your Roof

These tips will help minimize your risk of filing claims frequently while maintaining your roof in top condition:

  • Cut down or trim the tree branches that are near or just above your roof
  • Remove snow and ice during the winter months to prevent roof structure damage
  • Clean your gutters regularly to prevent water damage
  • Ensure your roof’s flashing is tightly secured to prevent water from seeping through openings and cracks of a roof
  • Schedule regular inspections and maintenance to detect problems before they turn into costly repairs

The insights on the kind of roof damages and perils covered will help you make informed decisions concerning filing a home insurance claim for roof repair/replacement, thus reducing your chances of denial.

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