The Best Ways to Prevent Home Fires This Thanksgiving and All Year Long

The Best Ways to Prevent Home Fires This Thanksgiving and All Year Long

Nov 03, 2022


The Best Ways to Prevent Home Fires This Thanksgiving and All Year Long

Thanksgiving is one of the best times for great food and sharing quality time with family and friends. It's also a time to go over fire safety tips. However, the risk of a home fire is ever-present; the holidays are the best time to focus on fire safety. With everyone celebrating, fire safety is sometimes overlooked.

Check Your Smoke Alarms Regularly

Your smoke alarms are proven lifesavers if you maintain them properly. Check the battery at least once every six months or so. Test your smoke alarms once a month to ensure they are working properly. If you need to replace a smoke alarm, you can find them at your local hardware store or call your nearest fire department.

Keep Children and Pets Away from Stoves and Heat Sources

Children and pets don't know the hazards of stoves and heat sources. If they get too close, they risk getting burned or accidentally causing a fire to break out. Keep them away from your stove and other heat sources as much as possible.

Keep Your Sleeves to Yourself

Long sleeves can result in a fire hazard if you get too close to a fireplace or gas stove flame. Always roll up your sleeves and keep them as far away from any open flame as possible. This includes lit candles that you may have on your table as decorations.

Watch What You Cook

Keep a close eye on what you are cooking. If something boils over or catches fire while cooking on the stove, you will only have a few seconds to react. Staying close by ensures you have enough time to take appropriate action and prevent a major disaster.

Never Leave a Hot Stove Unattended

Never leave a hot stove unattended. Even if it has been turned off, it can still be hot enough to cause a severe burn. Children and pets may not be aware that it is still hot and inadvertently touch the hot surface. Try to prevent children from playing near your stove while you are cooking.

Never Use Water to Put Out a Grease Fire

Using water to put out a grease fire can spell disaster quickly. Water will spread the grease and the fire, making it almost uncontrollable. Instead of reaching for the water, grab a fire extinguisher instead. It is much more effective and easier to use. Always make sure to have your fire extinguisher recharged after each use.

Grills and Turkey Fryers Belong Outdoors

Never pull your gas grill or turkey fire inside for cooking. Keep them outside in a well-ventilated area. Not only is the propane flammable, but bringing a lit fire source into your home or garage is a recipe for disaster. Keep them outside and a safe distance from your home.

Keep Flammables Away from Open Flames

Candles and bonfires are fall favorites. Whether inside or outside, you should always remember to keep all flammables away from any open flame. You will reduce your risk of severe burns and protect your home from fire damage.

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Each individual needs to be careful in one or the other ways to prevent major fire disasters. However, in some cases, despite extra care, some accidents occur. So, it’s better to protect your home with a Bell Black Insurance shield. If you have any related questions. Feel free to contact us; our professionals will answer and guide you to resolve your concern.

Bell Black Insurance would like to wish you and yours a very safe and happy Thanksgiving!