Business Insurance 101: Four Insurances Every Business Should Have

Operating a business effectively includes doing everything within your means to protect your business. One of the best ways to protect your business is through business insurance. With the right insurance in place, your business can overcome financial losses. The following are four basic insurances every business should maintain.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Legally, businesses must maintain workers compensation insurance. The policy covers injuries your employees sustain while working.

Property and Casualty Insurance

Property and Casualty insurance covers damage from fire, storms and theft. Since you can’t protect your business from physical damage, it is best to have a comprehensive policy that will make you whole if you experience a loss.

Business Vehicle Insurance

Much like the insurance on your personal car, business vehicle insurance protects you and your vehicle if you are in an accident while driving around for your business. If your employees drive your company’s vehicles, the policy will cover them as well.

Liability Insurance

When someone is injured on your property and you are negligent, they can sue you. These lawsuits can be expensive and cause the demise of businesses. With liability insurance, your insurance company will help you cover the cost of lawsuits resulting from your negligence.

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