Raise Your Credit and Your Chances Of Lower Auto Insurance

In Massachusetts, California and Hawaii your insurance rate is decided upon depending on your credit score. The changing rates can differ from at least 45%. If you feel as if your credit score is too low have no fear, there is a way to raise your credit score:

  1. Negotiation- Ask your creditors to erase your debt that went to collection if you pay off the remaining balance. This is called “paid as agreed” and can be asked for in the form of a letter.
  2. If you were previously a good customer but stopped paying off your card, you can always request a “good-will adjustment” to remove the previous mistakes from your credit report.
  3. Check your Credit limits- If your limits are too low ask to raise your credits.
  4. Get another credit card- Having two cards can up your credit score. Make small purchases and pay them off on time. If you can’t get a regular card you can try a secured credit card.
  5. Pay your payments on time- If you’re forgetful sign up for automated payments so it does it for you!

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