Does Smoking Affect Your Life Insurance Coverage?

Smoking is a very expensive habit in more ways than one. In addition to taking a toll on your health, it will also have an adverse effect on the cost of your life insurance. As a smoker, you can count on paying a much higher life insurance premium.

Because smoking can lead to many serious health problems to include cancer, heart disease, stroke and respiratory illnesses, the cost of life insurance will be much higher for those who partake of this habit. On average, a 45 year old non-smoking male taking out a 20 yr. term life policy for $500,000 may pay $59.00 a month premium. In contrast, the monthly premium for this same policy may cost a smoker $289.00 a month. Non-smokers may enjoy as much as a 20-30% reduction in premium costs for whole life insurance policies as well.

Some life insurance companies offer reduced insurance rates to smokers who use alternative types of tobacco such as e-cigarettes, pipes, cigars or chewing tobacco. Smokers can also enjoy lower rates once they have quit for an entire year.

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