Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home

Halloween Safety Tips for Your Home

Keep all your Halloween visitors safe this year.

Between trick-or-treaters, party-goers, and other Halloween guests, your home will be getting a ton of foot traffic this year. Before Halloween night hits, make sure your home is prepared to receive guests. Follow these easy home safety tips to make sure that everyone stays safe this Halloween.

Watch Your Feet

One way to prevent an accident in your home is to clear any potential walking hazards. Things to be concerned about include protruding rocks, decorative lawn ornaments, and small planters. If your front yard is covered with leaves, then you should rake them up. Leaves can conceal dangers and they can be extremely slippery when damp.

Light the Way

Another way to prevent accidents is to make sure you provide your guests with adequate lighting. If you have a light by your front door, keep it switched on to help your guests see. Additionally, if you think that your walkway is poorly lit, illuminate the way with an old strand of Christmas light for a fun and festive safety precaution.

Decorate Safely

Another way to minimize accidents on your property is to make sure you decorate safely. For example, if you want to decorate your home using props, make sure they are made of light rubber or plastic. Avoid hanging heavy or sharp decorations above your door. These could seriously injure someone if they were to fall. Additionally, if you want to use jack-o-lanterns to add some holiday spirit to your home, avoid lighting them up with candles. Candles increase your chances of a house fire and they could be very dangerous if someone gets too close. Instead, use electric candles, tea lights, or other non-flame lighting source as safer alternatives.

Use these safety tips to make sure all your Halloween visitors stay safe this year. Another way to ensure that your loved ones stay safe is to have the right insurance to fit your needs. To find the policy that’s right for you, contact the experts at Bell Black Insurance. We serve all insurance needs for those in Idaho Falls, Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Swan Valley, Ashton, and the neighboring communities in Idaho, as well as Jackson and Star Valley in Wyoming.