Especially in today’s environment of healthcare reform, more Americans than ever before are looking for affordable, reliable health insurance coverage for themselves and their family members. Whether you’re self-employed or you work for a company that doesn’t offer insurance coverage, you need to choose the type of coverage that will work best for your own needs.

At Bell Black Insurance, we’re ready to help you make that choice. We’re an independent agency, which means we can shop around to find the insurance providers that offer the types of coverage that suit both your needs and your budget. The result: You get a custom-tailored policy designed just for you. From fee-for-service plans to managed care plans, we can help you decide the type of policy that offers the level of service you want. And we can also help you decide the amount of coverage. Many policies include options for doctor’s office visits, medical tests, prescriptions and more.

Medicare supplements

If you’re 65, (or soon to be), you might assume that Medicare will take care of all your healthcare needs. But in fact, many men and women find that Medicare coverage isn’t nearly enough to cover their healthcare-related costs. That’s when a Medicare supplement can help. Medicare supplement plans provide additional coverage to handle the “gap” between what Medicare does and doesn’t pay for. In addition to helping you avoid potentially major financial repercussions, Medicare supplement policies can provide you with peace of mind; knowing your healthcare needs will be taken care of.

Bell Black Insurance has been serving the insurance needs of men, women and families from Rexburg, Island Park and Idaho Falls, to Rigby, Driggs, Jackson and throughout Idaho, and our agents are ready to help you, too.

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