High Winds in Rexburg create Highway Driving Hazard

The National Weather Service has issued a wind advisory as of Thursday March 20th for several cities in Idaho including Rexburg.  This means that wind speeds are expected to approach or exceed 35 miles per hour which can hinder driving, especially for high profile vehicles.  This also means that dust is expected to kick up at alarming rates, creating visibility hazards for drivers.

There are a few simple steps which can help to keep you safe when driving in these conditions: make certain that you keep both hands on the wheel as you drive; gusts can come at unexpected times and you want to have full control over your vehicle.

Do not stop the car when driving over bridges; gale force winds can actually drive the vehicle over guardrails and into more hazardous areas than the road itself.

Slow it down and stay clear of trucks, busses, and other very large vehicles on the road.

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