Insurance Changes During A Move

Moving is so much more than a change of address. It involves switching utilities, canceling or changing your subscriptions and changing your insurance services. How can you tell which insurance policy is right for you?

  1. Renters Insurance: This type of insurance is appropriate for anyone renting an apartment, not buying. Renters insurance covers damage to your possessions and liability for visitors and guests injured on your property.
  2. Condo Insurance: Condo insurance covers damage to your property–including your possessions and the interior of your condo (the part that you own). Make no mistake, your possessions are not covered by your condo association’s insurance, and you will still need a policy of your own.
  3. Homeowners Insurance: If you just bought a home, this insurance will protect your house, your possessions and liability for visitors and guests who are injured on your property.

Are you new in town? Looking for coverage through homeowners, renters, condo insurance or maybe a new auto policy? Bell Black Insurance agents are ready to take your call! We proudly serve residents of the state of Idaho.