Celebrate National Whole Grains Month in September

Roll out the carpet for whole grains this month. September is Whole Grains Month and across the nation, individuals and communities alike learn the benefits of adopting whole grains into their diet. As important food items, whole grains benefit us in more ways than one. If you didn’t know about the importance of this food Read More

Turn On Your Favorite Tune – There Are Health Benefits!

Music matters for your body and mind wellness! Music can lift you up. It can bring tears to your eyes, help you to relax, or get you up to dance! Tunes can be heard wherever you go, from the supermarket to the gym, to a new hit being hummed by a passerby. Music truly strikes a chord Read More

Mowing Tips to Get the Best Lawn on the Street!

Tips to make your neighbors wonder if your grass really is greener. With the busyness of summer, the grass in your yard is most likely at the length where it’s overdue a good trimming. Grass cutting is not one of the most favorite pastimes around, but with the right preparation and tips, you can get your Read More

Should Your Business Choose an Independent Insurance Agent?

Your business can benefit from the work of an independent insurance agent. Business owners generally do their best to secure their company with the best form of protection: insurance. By knowing what coverages you need and assessing your budget, you can be on the way to making the right choice about coverage. With that said, Read More

The Most Common Home Insurance Claims

Check out the frequently filed home insurance claims from 2009 to 2015. Many homeowners buy a standard policy that protects their home – somewhat. While Mother Nature plays a big role in home insurance claims, there are other culprits that cause homeowners to cash in on their policy. Research from the Travelers Companies, Inc. examined the Read More

Tips for Becoming a Successful Entrepreneur

Do you want to pave the way to a successful career and business? Read on! Being an entrepreneur means that you’ll often blaze your own trail. There won’t be any career guides, counselors, or maps to steer you in the right direction. In essence, you’re your own boss as well as being a nervous first-day Read More

Don’t Go Camping without These Essentials!

Heading on a hike? Don’t leave home without these must-haves. Everyone knows to bring a tent and a sleeping bag when they camp, but common items are continually overlooked, especially by a camping novice. Now that the summer is right around the corner, many are prepping their tents and blow-up mattresses for the camping season that Read More