Warm Yourself Up With This Squash Recipe for Fall!

Whip up this delightful squash recipe for the autumn!  The weather is turning cooler and the nights are getting darker; fall is truly upon us. While you may not love the chilly seasons, autumn and winter do mean that we get to enjoy some hearty, warming food! Instead of turning up the thermostat all the Read More

Signs It’s Time to Update Your Business Liability Insurance

Accidents happen – Secure your liability coverage today. Has it been some time since you’ve checked your liability in your business insurance? Perhaps it’s been a while since you first got your policy, and business has grown significantly. If either of these is the case, it’s time that you pull out your policy! Here are Read More

Keep Your Home on Stable Ground With Earthquake Preparedness Tips

Learn how to prepare for an unexpected earthquake in Rexburg, Idaho.   Earthquakes continually threaten the United States, and Idaho is no stranger to a few shakes! Whilst technology has advanced tremendously, the tectonic plates are known to shift at any time, resulting in earthquakes from minor to catastrophic damages. Anyone who has experienced a Read More

Celebrate Yoga Awareness Month!

Check out the benefits of practicing yoga to celebrate Yoga Awareness Month. In honor of National Yoga Awareness Month, we want to help you spread the joys of yoga. September is the perfect month for beginners and advanced yogis alike to enjoy yoga. The crisp air and warm days make the perfect combination for a Read More

Celebrate National Whole Grains Month in September

Roll out the carpet for whole grains this month. September is Whole Grains Month and across the nation, individuals and communities alike learn the benefits of adopting whole grains into their diet. As important food items, whole grains benefit us in more ways than one. If you didn’t know about the importance of this food Read More

Get the Family Prepped for School with These Tips

Parents, school season is almost in full swing. Are you ready? As always, the summer flies back too quickly. While the summer was full of fun, bouncing children, and long nights, it’s time to settle back down for the upcoming school year. In a blink of an eye, we’re back to the school routine and Read More

Turn On Your Favorite Tune – There Are Health Benefits!

Music matters for your body and mind wellness! Music can lift you up. It can bring tears to your eyes, help you to relax, or get you up to dance! Tunes can be heard wherever you go, from the supermarket to the gym, to a new hit being hummed by a passerby. Music truly strikes a chord Read More