Whether you own a townhome in Rexburg, a condo in Driggs, or a three-bedroom rancher in Idaho Falls, homeowner’s insurance is important for making sure your property is covered in the event of a disaster. What’s more, if you have a mortgage on your home, your lender will require a homeowner’s policy to be in place in order for them to continue to carry your loan.

For most homeowners, basic coverage is enough to satisfy their lenders. But homeowners need to decide if basic coverage is enough for their own needs and their peace of mind.

Basic homeowner’s policies typically offer coverage for property damage caused by fire, vandalism, lightning, high winds or other events spelled out in the policy. Many homeowners are surprised to learn that their policies don’t cover as much as they may think they do. Unfortunately, that all-too-common realization usually occurs once damage has occurred and the homeowner tries to file a claim.

For instance, basic coverage typically does not cover flood-related damage, damage from mold or damage that occurs when a water line breaks. Yet, many homeowners mistakenly believe their basic policy automatically covers them for these types of damages. If you have “extras,” like costly jewelry or antiques, you may need a separate “rider” to ensure those items are covered in case of theft.

In addition to covering property damage, homeowner’s insurance can also provide liability coverage which protects you in case someone becomes injured on your property or if a tree on your property crashes through your neighbor’s roof.

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