“I am extremely pleased with the friendly customer service that I have found with Bell Black Insurance. They are wonderful help with the insurance questions I have and in taking care of my needs. I appreciate the low prices and personal relationship I receive. Thank you Bell Black Insurance! ”

Bernice Brown

“We love Bell Black Insurance. They get us the best rate on car insurance. We are always comparing our rates with our family and friends, and we always have the lowest rate. Thanks! ”

Katie Weaver

“We’ve been very impressed with the courtesy and prompt attention we’ve been given by Bell Black Insurance. We feel they’ve made a great effort to be aware of our needs and desires. Their rates are extremely competitive and their service outstanding”

Wylie Powell

“I have been very pleased with Bell Black Insurance. They have always provided low rates for my car and home insurance and are always telling me ways to reduce my premium. They have always been honest and upfront with me and have been quick to respond to my needs.”

Randy Bird

“I appreciate the customized service so much that after a twenty year association with Bell Black Insurance in Idaho, I moved to Utah and kept all of my insurance (Auto, Home) with them.”

Sam A Jackson

“I have tried other insurance companies and none of them know me no matter how many times they see me. The staff at Bell Black Insurance knows my name and have my records pulled up almost before I am out of the car. They will have me as a customer and everyone I can refer as long as they are in business.”

Brandy Lopez

“We have been very impressed with Bell Black Insurance. They are very helpful and polite. We recently had a claim and they have been very good to work with and helped me understand my policy. We’re happy.”

Steven J and Cynthia M Davis

“Bell Black Insurance has been by agency since I moved back to Idaho in 1982. They have insured my home and cars and always been there when we needed them, even above and beyond the call of duty. Whether it’s a car that won’t start or I’ve been stranded, I know all I have to do is call and I’ll get help. They’ve always been fair and found the best coverage for our financial status. They are the true meaning of “Insurance Agent”. More should be like they are.”

Harry and Joanna Barker

“Bell Black Insurance has always provided great service for our family. Whenever we’ve had a problem, they’ve been prompt in solving them.”

Lewis M. Bird

“We didn’t realize that we could get a good rate of insurance on our motor homes. The insurance on our house was also a price better than most with more protection. We appreciate the personal service we’ve received from you also.”

Betty J. Kreppin

“Since 1981 we’ve had our cars and home insured through the Bell Black Insurance. We now have a life insurance policy through them also. We found that they are very competitive in price and the personal service we get is a plus. When we have had a claim in the past, they were there to assist us in a very professional and speedy manner.”

A & W Struck

“Car insurance companies usually do not care about the needs of the elderly, especially when you need car liability insurance. I thank Bell Black Insurance for helping me out with a very good and cost effective insurance company. They really cares about those they serve.”

Wilhelm C. Kolditz

“I have been insured with Bell Black Insurance since 1995. They go above and beyond to keep your insurance the best it can be. When you have them for your agents, your insurance worries are over. The whole staff is superb. They don’t make you feel like dummies if you ask questions or even advice. They are very patient and caring people.”

Bennie Killingsworth