8 Ways to Connect with Your Family by Unplugging

8 Ways to Connect with Your Family by Unplugging

May 14, 2020

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8 Ways to Connect with Your Family by Unplugging

How to better connect with your loved ones.

  Whether you're self-isolating or slowly trying to get back into a routine, you may have found yourself spending more time with your family recently. You may also have realized just how much time you and your family spend around the TV, on your phones or playing video games online. To help your family reconnect, it's time to put down the technology. Quite simply, connect by unplugging!   Here are a few fun ways to unplug:
  • Rediscover the magic of storytelling by allowing each family member the chance to tell their own story.
  • Interview family members about their favorite colors, animals, seasons, sports, and more.
  • Take a walk in nature or around the neighborhood and talk about things you see.
  • Go to the supermarket or farmers market together and decide on fun and healthy meals to cook as a family.
  • Get into the garden and start planting up your own vegetable patch.
  • Eat meals around the table together, making it a screen-free zone. Talk about your day, learn something about a family member or play creative games during dinner.
  • Schedule family time just as you would watching the latest episode of your favorite show. Make time to connect with each other.
  • Volunteer at a local nursing home or animal shelter (when it is safe to do so) as a family.
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