A Home Inventory & Your Home Insurance Coverage

A Home Inventory & Your Home Insurance Coverage

Mar 07, 2014

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A Home Inventory & Your Home Insurance Coverage

Bell Black Insurance representatives remind you that you can reinforce the terms of your homeowners insurance policy by creating a home inventory checklist before any damage takes place. Even though you may have ample coverage should a fire or theft occur in your home, you will need to prove that you previously owned the damaged items.

Keep all receipts for valuable items you purchase because you will need to present your insurance agent with the make, model and serial numbers. You will also need to provide proof about the monetary value of your valuables.

Start your home inventory checklist by listing your most valuable belongings. Next, travel from room to room with a notepad, laptop or cell phone and make a list of each item you own. You may wish to divide your items into categories.

Keep credit card statements as records of valuable furnishings, paintings, jewelry and electronic equipment you purchased. For more information about insurance services including how to create a home inventory checklist and your home insurance coverage in Idaho, please contact Bell Black Insurance in Rexburg.