As Winter Conditions Linger, Defensive Drivers Take the Wheel

As Winter Conditions Linger, Defensive Drivers Take the Wheel

Apr 07, 2014

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As Winter Conditions Linger, Defensive Drivers Take the Wheel

After nearly every winter season, it seems like spring is a long time coming. So when the air starts to warm, and the calendar passes by that March 20th date many breathe a sigh of relief and let their guard down. But unfortunately, winter weather doesn't necessarily follow the calendar. And some winters bring more snow and ice than communities are used to, and this means snow and ice can linger on roads.

While you may not have control over how other people drive in the wintry mix, and can take control of your own vehicle and practice defensive driving. Whether the roads are slick or not, motor vehicles are a major problem and are the leading cause of death for those 2-39 and those 50-72. Because there are so many drivers who are unprepared for adverse road conditions, or who drive distracted or under the influence, defensive driving classes are available to those who wish to stay safe and drive around those who are less committed to their own driving skills.

In addition to keeping you alive, driving defensively can also help you when you are shopping for auto insurance. Auto insurance companies commonly give a discount to those who have been able to avoid traffic accidents, and many also reward those who show that they have completed a defensive driving course. Chances are, you have other habits as well that insurance companies would reward, but finding these discounts on your own can be a daunting task. Fortunately, Bell Black Insurance in Rexburg, Idaho has the resources to take the best things about the way you drive and find the insurance companies that can best appreciate those good points and give you the affordable coverage you need. To explore your auto coverage options further,  contact Bell Black Insurance today!