Buckle Up: Seat Belt Safety Tips

Buckle Up: Seat Belt Safety Tips

Apr 08, 2015

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Buckle Up: Seat Belt Safety Tips

How To Protect Yourself In Your Car

Did you know that there is 13 percent of people do not use their seat belts on a regular basis? Even if you do not fall into this dangerous minority, you may not know exactly how to wear your seat belt to best protect yourself. Here are some seat belt safety tips to help keep you secure.

  • Adults: Wear your shoulder harness across your shoulder and chest and your lap belt low across your hips with as little slack as possible.
  • Pregnant Women: Wear your lap belt under your belly and low across your hips. Put your shoulder harness across your chest and to the side of your belly, avoiding it going across your belly or your neck.
  • Children: Make sure that you follow your state’s guidelines for when to move your child out of his or her booster seat. Your child is ready to transition out of a booster seat when he or she meets state regulations and is able to keep his or her back against the seat while letting his or her knees naturally bend over the edge of the seat, and placing his or her feet on the floor. Whether your child is in a booster seat or not, make sure the lap belt does not sit across the stomach and that the shoulder harness does not touch your child's neck or face.
  • Pets: Check your state laws about driving with your pet in your car or in the bed of your truck. If you can legally drive with your pet, the American Veterinary Medical Association advises restraining your pet so he or she can not distract your driving.

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