Easy Tips to Keep your Boat Safe from Boat Theft

Easy Tips to Keep your Boat Safe from Boat Theft

Aug 15, 2014

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Easy Tips to Keep your Boat Safe from Boat Theft
Boat thefts have decreased by six percent as of 2013. The best way for us boat owners to keep boat thefts at a low is by being prepared. Take these preventative measures to make sure that your boat sits safely in its dock without any chance of being stolen.
  • Keep your boat parked in a well-lit place. If you must keep your boat in your driveway and on a trailer, make sure to chain the trailer on to something sturdy that cannot be stolen.
  • Try to store alcoholic beverages or valuables out of sight or away from your boat. If your things are visibly displayed on your boat it will make it seem more attractive to thieves.
  • Upgrade your cabin doors with steel locks that are fitted and invest in an alarm system. A fuel or electrical cutoff will also scare away thieves.
  • Keep €œFor Sale€ signs off of your boat, this gives thieves a reason to snoop around on your boat.
  • Leaving your keys in the cockpit locker or anywhere on your boat is a common practice and something that thieves catch on to. Keep your boat keys with you or locked up at home.
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