4 Tips For Keeping Your New Ride Pristine

4 Tips For Keeping Your New Ride Pristine

Jul 21, 2014

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4 Tips For Keeping Your New Ride Pristine
You've been working for years to afford that stylish new ride. In an attempt to support the local youth soccer team, you take your brand new car to their charity car wash, and leave with a huge scratch underneath your driver-side door. Next time, keep your car looking pristine- donate, but skip the car wash. By following these simple recommendations, you can maintain the interior and exterior of your vehicle without breaking the bank:
  • Self-service car washes are a great option for those who don't have a driveway, but want to wash their car themselves. You can pay a small price to have access to a water jet, and foaming soap brush. Bring your own towels to dry your car just in case the business you go to doesn't provide them.
  • Hand-wash services are an easy alternative because you don't have to do any work! Trained individuals will wash your car for you, and vacuum the inside. Occasionally vehicles can be scratched if a worker is lazy, so making sure to check the reviews of the car wash you are going to can be incredibly beneficial.
  • Automated car washes are great for a person who is low on time. There is the possibility that the large brushes scratch your vehicle. However, there are touchless automated car washes that ensure only soap, water, and air will come into direct contact with your vehicle. The blow dry system ensures that your car will not be scratched due to abrasive towels.
  • Consider asking your neighbors, friends, or coworkers for advice on which car service to frequent. The Internet is also a great resource to use if you are interested in evaluating customer reviews.
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