Do You Need Wedding Insurance or Special Event Coverage?

Do You Need Wedding Insurance or Special Event Coverage?

May 05, 2014

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Do You Need Wedding Insurance or Special Event Coverage?
You know the famous children's song: 'First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes.... an unexpected event challenge?' Well, if you're like most couples, you have worked diligently for several months--perhaps even a year or more--to pull everything together for a special day you both will remember. But even with the best laid plans, unforeseen challenges can really put a wrench in your plans... and cost you big money. Although you may be asking yourself what could really happen, consider the following scenarios.
  • Your wedding venue goes out of business weeks before your wedding, forcing you to book a new location at the last minute.
  • Your wedding or reception venue becomes inaccessible on your wedding date due to inclement weather, forcing you to postpone.
  • The transportation you booked (limousine, horse-and-carriage) goes bust, causing you to have to book other accommodations at the last minute for more money.
  • The bride or groom's attire is lost or damaged, forcing them to obtain another gown or tux in a rush.
Although it may sound far-fetched, and even though you hope it will never happen to you, scenarios like this are real and they happen regularly. To protect yourself from losses, wedding insurance and special event coverage can help restore those big deposits or help you recover from damages to your gown. Bell Black Insurance is an independent agency offering Idaho a wide range of quality insurance products from top carriers. To learn more about how special event and wedding insurance coverage can help you, contact Bell Black Insurance.