Driving Safety in the Idaho Weather

Driving Safety in the Idaho Weather

Mar 17, 2014

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Driving Safety in the Idaho Weather

Our services at Bell Black Insurance include providing you with the best insurance coverage you need to protect your family. Even if you think you have ample vehicle coverage, driving safely involves following a few safety tips, especially during Idaho winters.

Never slam on your brakes when the road is covered with black ice or snow. Slamming on the brakes can cause your vehicle to skid or spin out of control. If you want to practice driving safety on Idaho roads during rain, snow or ice storms, slow down. Don't try to pass other vehicles when the highway contains ice.

Keep extra blankets in the vehicle in case you aren't able to drive your vehicle. You'll be glad you have the extra coverage you need while sitting in your car on a dark and dreary road. Additionally, carry an emergency kit in your vehicle containing bandages, a flashlight and bottled water. For more information about driving safety in Idaho weather, please contact Bell Black Insurance in Rexburg.