Stay Cool and Lower Your Energy Bill With These Tips

Stay Cool and Lower Your Energy Bill With These Tips

Aug 14, 2015

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Stay Cool and Lower Your Energy Bill With These Tips

Money Saving Cooling Tips

Even though school is starting up soon, it does not mean that the temperatures are showing any signs of dropping. While reaching for your air conditioner may be the easiest way to cool down your house, it may also lead to a much higher energy bill. Keep these money-saving cooling tips in mind to help keep your energy costs to a minimum.

  • Check your thermostat – the default temperature for most water heaters is 140 degrees, which may be much higher than you need. Lowering the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees is most likely enough heat to meet all of your hot water needs.
  • Fix any leaks – look for any water leaks throughout your house, and fix any that you find. Take a look at your water heater before and after a two-hour period where you do not use any water. If the number changes, it means that you have a leak that needs to be addressed.
  • Avoid the oven – even though you should not eat out every day, try to avoid using your oven. Your oven can raise the temperature throughout your entire house very fast. Instead, grill outside or use your microwave to prepare your meals.
  • Turn on your fans – no matter if you have a ceiling fan or a desk fan, turn it on to help the airflow throughout your house. Keep in mind that a fan will not actually lower the temperature in your house, but will only make the air feel cooler, so make sure to only run fans in rooms that you are in.

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