Car Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Car Purring for Longer

Car Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Car Purring for Longer

Dec 16, 2016


Car Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Car Purring for Longer

Extend the Life of Your CarAre you doing everything to extend your vehicle's life?

From getting to and from work, school, the supermarket, and taking your annual trip to Florida, you're likely to rely on your car. With the steadily rising prices of cars, many of us are looking to keep our current car on the roads longer. After all, we're in the age of online tutorials and DIY-ers. Performing some simple car maintenance tips will help to keep your car running for longer - no matter if you're an expert under the hood or not! Use these tips to improve your car's health to extend its life!
  1. Fix damages quickly. If you hear a rattling sound in your engine or notice a small tear in the tire, don't ignore it. Nip small problems in the bud, otherwise they'll cost you down the road!
  2. Change the oil regularly. Your car needs oil to run properly and to keep all of the motor's parts lubricated. If your oil is old and dirty, it'll hinder your car's overall performance and life.
  3. Replace your vehicle's air filter regularly. When dust and debris collect on a filter, the engine has to work harder. Eliminate unnecessary strain on your car: Aim to change your filter every 12,000 miles.
  4. Keep tires in check. If your tires are under or overinflated, you'll be paying forĀ it with your gas. Keep your tires within five psi of the manufacturer's recommended levels. What's more, when the tread is wearing thin on your tires, get a new set! It'll cost you less than having a blowout on the road and a tow truck.
  5. Shine it up! You may not mind a dirty and dusty car, but a buildup of both can damage your car's exterior and interior. Regularly wash and wax your car to keep the whole vehicle shining and stunning!
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