Revamp Your Residence! Summer Tips For A Home Make Over

Revamp Your Residence! Summer Tips For A Home Make Over

Jul 25, 2014

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Revamp Your Residence! Summer Tips For A Home Make Over
Spring is famous for being the cleanup season of choice. However, summer is actually a great time to take care of bigger tasks, and revamp your home! With the kids out of school, you may even be able to come up with fun ways for them to help you out! Here are some effortless ways to give your home a summer make over:
  • Go vibrant! Tuck away those heavy blankets, and flannel winter sheets, and pick up a new bedspread that incorporates vivid colors. For those who are allergy-ridden, hypoallergenic bedding can be a lifesaver when pollen rates are high!
  • Pick a few accent colors, and go purchase new throw pillows! This is a cheap way to make a room look entirely different. Especially for dark spaces, brightly colored throw pillows and blankets can open up the space.
  • Put your dark colored window coverings away in storage, and replace them with white! The light color will help to draw in sunshine, and give your room a polished look.
  • Draw from the accent color you chose for your throw pillows, and paint an accent wall! This change is exactly what you need to switch up the mood in your space.
  • Pick smaller accessories such as door handles, and light switches to replace with modern, stylish alternatives. This little change can go a long way!
  • Get rid of post-winter, dirty doormats, and replace them with cute and clean, summer-themed mats.
  • Relocate a few of your favorite potted plants indoors! The greenery will add some much needed color.
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