Stay Safe This Halloween!

Stay Safe This Halloween!

Oct 22, 2014

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Stay Safe This Halloween!
Before you head out for your trick-or-treat adventure, you must make sure that your child has their costume on, has a candy bag, and that you have left enough candy out for the other trick-or-treaters! In addition to these important tasks, you must also remember all of the Halloween safety guidelines! In case you need a refresher, we have outlined a few of the most important points:
  • Only cross the street at corners, and always use a crosswalk. Look left, right, and left prior to stepping out into the street.
  • Never use your cell phone while walking.
  • Always walk on the sidewalk.
  • Make eye contact with drivers before choosing to cross the road.
  • Never let children under the age of 12 trick-or treat alone. They should always be supervised by a responsible adult.
  • Make sure your child's costume fits in the right areas to ensure that they will not spend the night tripping over excess fabric.
  • Attach a few strips of reflective tape to parts of your child's costume and candy bag. This will alert night drivers of their presence.
  • Encourage your children to hold onto glow sticks or flashlights while they walk.
  • Be sure to thoroughly inspect your child's candy bag before they attempt to eat any candy.
  • Always test face paint before applying to the whole face. This will help you find out if your child is allergic to any chemicals found in the face paint.
  • Be sure to slow down if you are out and about on Halloween night. There will be children everywhere, and you want to have time to brake if one runs out in front of your vehicle.
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