Security Tips For Separate Structures On Your Property

Security Tips For Separate Structures On Your Property

Oct 30, 2015

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Security Tips For Separate Structures On  Your Property

Keeping other structures on your Rexburg, ID property secure.

It is not uncommon to have various structures on your property other than your house. from sheds to detached garages, you have much more to protect than just your house. Keep these tips in mind to ensure that your other structures stay safe and secure.
  • Check your lighting - one hanging light is most likely not enough to light up the space. Installing new lighting will help to ensure that there are no dark corners where hazards can hide. Keep in mind that you do not have to spend a lot of money on the best lighting for your garage or shed.
  • Clean it out - a clean and well-organized shed can help to prevent any safety issues. Don't leave any spills sitting on the ground and keep a clear walkway. When cleaning up, it is the perfect time to throw away or donate any items that you no longer need.
  • Check your locks - just like your house, your garage or shed should have a strong lock that will keep out any unwanted burglars. You should also consider window locks or covering up the windows so that burglars will not be able to see what you have to steal.
  • Think security - while you may not want to spend the money on a whole security system for your garage, you should have some security in place. Install sensor lights on the outside of the structure. The more security features that you invest in for your garage or shed, the safe it will be.
Keep in mind that your home insurance policy will provide a limited amount of coverage for other structures that are on your property. To ensure that you have the right amount of homeowners insurance policy to provide the protection that you need, contact Bell Black Insurance in Rexburg, Idaho.