Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance

Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance

Jun 06, 2014

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Importance of Cyber Liability Insurance

Bell Black Insurance strongly urges you to think about the seriousness of online privacy breaches. If someone hacks into your system and steals data that results in financial loss for you, it could put you out of business. The same is true if you make an honest mistake that causes damage to your network.

When reviewing your policies, consider obtaining coverage in case of the following emergencies:

  • Equipment failures that result in a security breath – For instance, maybe your office closed down after a fire and someone stole an office computer. Remaining equipment might not work that well. Either way, you have to prepare yourself for repair expenses to keep your devices updated.
  • Liabilities resulting from an intentional hacking – Sure, the odds someone will intrude your computer system in the middle of the night may be slim. Still, you owe it to yourself and your clients to seek the policy that addresses these issues.  
  • Expenses related to identity theft – Perhaps employees will steal computer files that have information about other workers. This could lead to stolen checks. Likewise, people in charge of billing might have access to personal records that could result in stealing money.

Idaho homeowners and businesspersons can never be too careful. Contact Bell Black Insurance today for a quote.