Don't Say "I Do" Without A Policy

Don't Say "I Do" Without A Policy

Jul 07, 2014

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Your special day has finally arrived! After months of planning, and thousands of dollars spent in deposits, you are finally getting ready to say, €œI do€. I'm sure you've thought of many things that could go wrong during your ceremony or reception and tried to limit those as much as possible. But, whether its rain, a no-show vendor, a no-show officiator, or a sudden illness, you should purchase a wedding insurance policy that will protect you against any unpredictable wedding disasters. Wedding insurance will cover almost any wedding disaster, with the exception of cold feet, or an event that you had previous knowledge of. Here are a few other benefits of purchasing a wedding insurance policy:
  • Damaged wedding photos
  • Damaged or lost dresses or tuxedos
  • Extreme weather
  • Injury or death that occurs at your wedding
  • Your event space goes out of business before you can have your ceremony
  • Sudden illness, injury, or death of a loved one
  • Liquor liability
If you are planning on having your ceremony or reception in your backyard, or somewhere on your property, your homeowners insurance will cover liability. Another available option is special event insurance. This will cover circumstances like stolen wedding presents, or food poisoning due to food you either cooked or served. It is smart to scan your home before the ceremony and remove any potential hazards that could cause bodily injury. Be sure to meet with your insurance agent, and thoroughly discuss how much coverage is appropriate for your nuptials. If you have any questions about wedding insurance, or would like a quote go ahead and contact one of the best insurance agencies in Idaho, Bell Black Insurance! Located in Rexburg, Bell Black Insurance offers auto, home, business, life, health insurance and more! Contact Bell Black Insurance, located in Rexburg!