Four Ways Umbrella Insurance Has You Covered

Four Ways Umbrella Insurance Has You Covered

Aug 11, 2014

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Four Ways Umbrella Insurance Has You Covered
Umbrella insurance or extra liability insurance is something that every company can benefit from. For some, home and auto insurance just isn't enough. For example if you get into an accident that costs more than your auto insurance can cover, umbrella insurance will cover the rest. This type of insurance is not as expensive as you think and can save you in countless scenarios. Here are four ways that umbrella insurance can protect you:
  1. Body Injury- Umbrella insurance will cover the damage costs of another if they are involved in an accident through your car, dog, your home, or your yard.
  2. Property Damage- The cost is covered if damage is inflicted on another person's property by your dog, your child, or an auto accident where you are at fault.
  3. Landlord Liability- Umbrella insurance will keep you covered if someone trips over cracks on your property and tries to sue or if a tenant's dog attacks another person.
  4. Slander and Libel- If someone harasses you verbally or in writing you are covered.
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