Looking for a Car for Your Teen?

Looking for a Car for Your Teen?

Mar 26, 2014

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Looking for a Car for Your Teen?

As your teen matures into a responsible driver, you may feel it's time to buy him a car of his own. The following tips can help you make a better decision on what kind of car to buy.

  • Safety and security should take precedence in whatever vehicle you decide. Teen drivers are more likely to have an auto accident than any other age group. For greater protection, look for a car that's safe and reliable to drive and comes with safety features such as seat belts, air bags, anti-lock brakes, etc. for extra security.
  • If you're considering a used car, make sure it's well maintained and in good condition. Have it thoroughly checked by a mechanic to verify its state before you buy.
  • A fuel efficient car will save your teen a considerable amount of money, especially with today's high fuel prices. 
  • Make sure your teen has adequate vehicle insurance to protect himself and his investment.

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