Simple Ways to Save More Money

Simple Ways to Save More Money

Jul 20, 2015

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Simple Ways to Save More Money

Build Up Your Savings Account With These Tips

Building up your savings account can be much easier said than done, especially during summer vacations. Making a few small changes can be all you need to ensure that your savings account is where you want it. Keep these tips in mind to help you save as much money as possible this month.
  • Automatic savings - most banks offer automatic transfers into your savings account when you get paid each month. There are also many tools that can help you save even more, such as Digit! which will automatically transfer different amounts into your savings by looking at when you can and cannot afford to save.
  • Create a meal plan - planning your meals will help eliminate any extra food that goes to waste. It will also help you plan ahead for more affordable meals. Planning your meals can also allow you to plan your meals around sales.
  • Drink more water - not buying packs of soda or bottles of juice can help you save big at the grocery store. Plus, the more water you drink throughout the day, the better you will feel. When you go out to eat, skip out on the soft drink and enjoy a cool glass of water instead.
  • Get a second job - while giving up your weekends or nights may not sound like fun, getting a second job brings in a second string of income that can be used to pay off bills faster, or simply save up more. Service jobs are the best for second jobs since you get tips on top of your regular paycheck.
  • Compare insurance rates - insurance is a necessary expense in your life but it does not have to be your biggest expense. Make sure to compare all of your insurance policies to ensure that you are getting the right coverage at the right price.
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