Motorcycle Insurance for a Long Trip

Motorcycle Insurance for a Long Trip

Jun 20, 2014

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Motorcycle Insurance for a Long Trip

Going for a long trip during the summer months can be exciting, but riding a motorcycle for long distances can also be risky. Although homeowners insurance may help protect the motorcycle when it stays home, reviewing auto insurance coverage and ensuring that the motorcycle has the appropriate protection can be essential for the summer plans.

Minimum Standards

The state requirements set minimum standards for every motorcycle. Although it is primarily related to property and injury liability protection, it provides a place to start when obtaining a policy before any trip or long drive.

Additional Coverage

Minimum requirements are not usually enough for plans that involve a long ride. When the distance for a trip is extensive, it may be better to purchase additional coverage against injuries, accidents and the damage to a personal motorcycle. The risk of an accident increases as the distance increases.

The appropriate amount of motorcycle insurance for a long trip can depend on personal preferences and concerns, but it should exceed the minimum state standards. Contact Bell Black Insurance to learn more about motorcycle insurance options in Rexburg, Idaho.