Are Your Office Snacks Healthy?

Are Your Office Snacks Healthy?

May 19, 2016


Are Your Office Snacks Healthy?

Are Your Office Snacks Healthy?If you provide refreshments and nibbles for your employees, you'll want to ensure it is good brain food!

If your employees work long hours, you may feel inclined to stock the office kitchen with snacks to see them through. While this is certainly a good idea, there are many misconceptions about snacks that are considered to be energy boosters! In short, the sugary snacks and artificial bites aren't benefitting your employees' waistline, health, or concentration Donate or throw away:
  • Sugary drinks - Full of chemicals that don't benefit your body at all, this liquid isn't doing your employees any good.
  • Chocolate and sweets - After a sugar rush of a chocolate bar or a bag of candy, your employees will come off the high feeling lethargic and sluggish.
Replace with:
  • Bottled water - everyone needs hydration.
  • Almonds - great source of protein and is extremely sustaining.
  • Fresh fruit - packed with vitamins and minerals, these sweet beauties will keep your employees satisfied.
  • Dried fruit - mix things up with dried apricots, apple slices, and banana chips. They are sweet, high in fiber and potassium.
  • Protein bar - stock up on only the natural bars that have fewer than 200 calories.
  • Pretzels - salty, low in fat, and will hold any employee over until lunch or supper.
  • Apples and peanut butter - apples provide fiber and carbs for energy while the peanut butter provides healthy monounsaturated fat and protein, which stabilizes blood sugar ups and downs.
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