Prep Your Plants for Fall! 5 Easy Tips

Prep Your Plants for Fall! 5 Easy Tips

Oct 08, 2014

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Prep Your Plants for Fall! 5 Easy Tips
We work hard all spring and summer to make sure that our yard looks as best as it possibly can! Even though fall is when your plants will start to die, you should still be taking care of them! There are a number of lawn and garden tasks you should complete in order to prepare it for the fall season. You should begin at least 6 weeks prior to the first freeze. Here are a few recommendations for getting started:
  • If you have fescue or rye grasses in your yard, you should sow it before freezing temperatures arrive.
  • Before a freeze, you should already have fertilized turf grasses with a fertilizer that is guaranteed natural, and slow-release.
  • You should lay down an additional layer of selective, pre-emergent herbicide 6 weeks before a freeze. The first application should be done late in the winter season. The application in fall will help to get rid of weeds that have sprouted up over summer.
  • Use glyphosate, horticultural vinegar, or clove oil to treat small spots on your lawn.
  • Be sure to pay attention to the type of herbicide you are using. If you use a non-selective one, it will kill any plant it touches. Selective herbicides are better if you are able to identify the type of weed you want to kill. It will not harm your grass or landscape plants.
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