Protect a Summer Home from Flooding

Protect a Summer Home from Flooding

Jun 16, 2014

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Protect a Summer Home from Flooding

Reviewing a homeowners insurance policy can result in the discovery that the property is not protected against flooding. Flood coverage is not usually provided in a basic homeowner's plan, but that does not mean there is no risk of flooding.

Coverage Requirements

When a house is located near a lake, river or ocean, it is usually important to purchase flood insurance to protect against potential problems. A river can rise or weather conditions can result in a high storm surge near the ocean. As a result, it is important to insure the house against flood damage so that those situations are covered.

Finding a Plan

Flood insurance is not always easy to find, especially when a house is located near the water. It is usually best to work with professionals to find a plan based on the situation, location and risk associated with the property. The cost of coverage will depend on the level of risk.

A second home that is located near the water may need insurance coverage to protect against floods. To learn more about your risk of flooding in Rexburg, Idaho, contact Bell Black Insurance.