Protect Your Car from Pothole Damage

Protect Your Car from Pothole Damage

Jan 17, 2017


Protect Your Car from Pothole Damage

Pothole advice to avoid the bumps and expensive repairs.

Potholes are an increasing problem on American roads, causing damage to vehicles and presenting a potential safety hazard. Potholes are caused when moisture gets into the cracks in the road, expanding when frozen. These holes then get bigger as vehicles drive over them, damaging the structure of the road below its surface later. Common in winter, it's important that motorists understand the concern about potholes, as well as how to avoid damage! Safety Concerns Hitting a pothole can cause a number of wheel and tire problems. The initial impact on a vehicle can cause buckled wheels, cracks, lumps in the tire, and it can knock the tracking and wheel balancing. In severe cases, hitting a pothole caused drivers to lose control of their vehicles and being involved in an accident. Advice to Avoid Use these tips to steer clear of potholes!
  • Keep your eyes peeled - Be on the lookout for potholes while driving, and always watch your speed on side streets where potholes are likely to be lurking.
  • Maintain your distance - Leave plenty of space between your car and the vehicle in front of you so that you can see potholes before you run into them.
  • Watch your speed - Striking potholes at higher speeds can cause more damage to your vehicle. If there are cars either side of you and you can't swerve out of the way of the pothole, brake before you reach the pothole, and let the car roll over it.
  • Hold the steering wheel tightly - Make sure that you're holding the steering wheel at the '10 and 2' hand position when driving on a road with potholes. Doing so allows you to have the best control of your vehicle.
  • Check tire pressure often - Check the tire pressure regularly as a line of defense against potholes. Pump up the tires to the recommended tire pressures for optimum performance.
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