How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online

How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online

Dec 31, 2014

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How to Stay Safe While Shopping Online
Tablet Security theme Online Shopping Safety Tips The holiday season is one of the busiest seasons for online shopping. While shopping online allows you to avoid the masses at the mall and shop from the comfort of your own home, it can also open the door for identity theft. To ensure that all of your personal information stays safe this holiday season, keep these simple tips in mind.
  • Only shop on secure websites - only put your personal information into well-known sites. Also, make sure to check the URL of the website and make sure that it includes €œhttps€ since the €œs€ means that the website is secure. If there is no €œs,€ do not put in your information.
  • Keep all of your passwords secure - do not use the same password for all of your online accounts. Change all of your passwords every three months to help keep your identity safe.
  • Update your anti-virus software - always update your anti-virus software when there is an update available. Having updated systems will help to keep your personal information secure since most cyber criminals are not able to hack into the newest versions of anti-virus software.
  • Delete any apps you do not use - personal information that is stored on apps can make you vulnerable to hacking. Delete any apps that you do not use regularly.
  • Swipe your own card - if you do head to the mall this season, swipe your own card. Do not allow the clerk to take your card out of your own sight to ensure that they do not copy any of your information.
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