How to Handle Scheduled Car Maintenance

How to Handle Scheduled Car Maintenance

May 04, 2017


How to Handle Scheduled Car Maintenance

Scheduled Car Maintenance

Care for your car by scheduling routine maintenance.

Auto technicians say the key to keeping the vehicle running well today is routine maintenance. Many drivers tend to stall when it comes to keeping up with some everyday auto basics. A regular service schedule can help keep your car running its best. If you look after your car properly, you'll be far less likely to get hefty bills in the future. For everything that you need to know about handling scheduled car maintenance, read on.

Get to know your car's service manual.

To keep your vehicle in the best possible condition, it should typically be serviced once a year. However, there are some age and mileage milestones that you should consider. For example, the distance you can cover between oil changes. Your car's service manual should list everything you need to know about your vehicle's specific make and model requirements. Written by the people who designed and built your car, it should show:
  • How often you'll need to get your car serviced
  • When the car's replacement parts might need changing
  • How often the regular maintenance tasks need to be carried out - for example, oil changes
It's also a good idea to use the service manual to pay for the cost of your car's maintenance and repair bills. To avoid unnecessarily spending money on your car, always follow the schedule in the service manual.

Watch out for dashboard messages.

Most cars now have dashboard warning messages about a wide range of topics, including issues with the braking system, engine, oil, and coolant levels. If a light flashes up on your dashboard, turn to the manual to understand what it means and what you need to do. A few of the messages require immediate assistance. In this case, pull off the road and stop the engine immediately. This could save you large repair costs down the line, and prevent you from being a danger to motorists and pedestrians. Regular maintenance and reliable car insurance can help you to stay safe on the roads. Secure your needed auto insurance by contacting the professionals at Bell Black Insurance today! We serve those in Idaho Falls, Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Swan Valley, Ashton, and the neighboring communities in Idaho, as well as Jackson and Star Valley in Wyoming.