Get Back to School Insurance Ready

Get Back to School Insurance Ready

Sep 08, 2014

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Get Back to School Insurance Ready
Going back to school can be an exciting and stressful time, especially if your child is going off to college. While as a parent you want your child to be able to fully enjoy the college experience when they move out of the house, you also want to ensure that they are safe in any situation. Having the right insurance policies is the best way to ensure that your teen stays safe while they are away at college.
  • Auto insurance. Even if your child is not taking a car with them to college, it is important to make sure that they are still covered under an auto insurance policy in case they come home during the weekend and want to drive the family car. There are many discounts that you can qualify for to help keep your auto insurance premiums low, such as a good student discount or a discount if your child goes to school more than 100 miles away.
  • Homeowners insurance. Your homeowners insurance policy should provide the right amount of coverage if your child is moving into an on campus dorm. Make sure to look over your policy and ask your insurance agent if you have enough coverage to protect all the belongings that your child brought with them to college.
  • Renter's insurance. Investing in a renter's insurance policy is the best way to ensure that all of your child's belongings are covered if they are moving into an off campus house or apartment. Although the landlord will have policy for the property, it will only cover the building and none of the belongings inside.
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