Simple Changes to Make in the Home for Earth Day

Simple Changes to Make in the Home for Earth Day

Apr 18, 2019


Simple Changes to Make in the Home for Earth Day

Simple Changes to Make in the Home for Earth DayEarth Day is on March 22nd! Here's how to celebrate.

It's almost World Earth Day! Planet Earth has been kind to us, yet we have not been as kind back. It's time to take stock of things that we can do to protect the environment and help Mother Nature thrive. Here are some ways you can benefit the planet on Earth Day around the home. Stop using plastic. Going plastic-free is a popular trend in today's society, especially after all the latest news of the harmful effects of plastic on wildlife and the natural environment. Aim to reduce your plastic consumption, such as not using straws, taking reusable canvas bags to the supermarket, using a reusable water bottle, a reusable coffee cup, and buying groceries that are loose, rather than in plastic packaging. Make your own cleaners and personal care products. Skip the nasty chemicals found in everyday cleaning and personal care products by learning how to make them yourself out of natural ingredients. Not only will you save money, but this will help you to reduce your waste as you won't be buying products pre-packaged. Eat more plant-based meals. Livestock emissions account for more harmful greenhouse gasses than the entire transport sector combined. Meat, dairy, and eggs are also resource intensive - one pound of beef takes 1,800 gallons of water to create versus 500 gallons for a pound of chickpea beans or 300 gallons for a pound of tofu. Aim to eat more plant-based meals a week - there are plenty of delicious recipes out there! Let us know how you're getting involved with Earth Day this year! For all of your personal and commercial insurance needs, talk to the team at Bell Black Insurance today.