Tips for Getting a Personal Property Appraisal

Tips for Getting a Personal Property Appraisal

May 03, 2018


Tips for Getting a Personal Property Appraisal

Tips for Getting a Personal Property AppraisalHow to insure your personal property for the right value.

From jewelry and antiques to rare collections, there are certain items you may own that you can't imagine losing. These items could be possessions you deeply cherish, collections that you've dedicated a lot of time to, or something that would be impossible to replace. These items may require unique scheduled personal property coverage so that your home insurance can help you protect these items. To ensure that you have the right coverage for your items, you'll first need to them professionally appraised. To help you get started, read on.
  • Collect all the information you can about the item. Before you visit an appraiser, write down what you can about the piece. When did it first come into existence? When did you acquire it? What are its characteristics? What is the condition? Where was it made? All these points help the appraiser to give you an accurate result.
  • Choose your appraiser carefully. These days, you can get an appraisal online just by submitting photos, or you may want someone who will examine your item personally. Either way, you'll need to find the right person for the job. Ask a couple of appraisals about their fees, background, qualifications, and specialties. Be sure to let the person know you're looking for an insurance appraisal so he/she can calculate the cost of replacing the item.
  • Get a copy of the insurance appraisal report. Your completed report should include a detailed description of the item, the value, and the appraiser's details. Share this report with your insurance agent and keep a copy in a safe place for your records.
Bear in mind that you'll want to get an appraisal every so often. As the value changes, be sure the amount you have it insured for does, too. To find the right home insurance policy to fit your needs and belongings, contact Bell Black Insurance today.  We serve all insurance needs for those in Idaho Falls, Island Park, Driggs, Victor, Swan Valley, Ashton, and the neighboring communities in Idaho, as well as Jackson and Star Valley in Wyoming.